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Back to Classic Elegance: Discover the OLD MONEY preset


If you want to add a touch of timeless charm and sophistication to your photos, the "OLD MONEY" effect is what you need.

This preset transforms your images into striking works of art, capturing the effortless elegance and tradition of bygone eras.

Here's why you should consider using this charming effect for your photos:

Elevate the Elegance: The "old money" preset gives your photos a timeless elegance that naturally catches the eye. Sophisticated clothing, exquisite backgrounds, and thoughtful details will add a touch of class to your images.

Story Making: This effect can transform your photos into visual narratives that seem to come from bygone eras. Create a sense of mystery and history, inviting viewers to imagine the lives and stories behind the images.

Connection to History: Old money photos can evoke a sense of connection to the past, eliciting feelings of nostalgia and an appreciation for tradition. This can make your photos more engaging and meaningful.

Excellence in Detail: Attention to detail is a key element of the "old money" aesthetic. The effect gives the details of your photos a touch of refinement, from color selection to lighting, creating a complex and well-curated image.

Stand Out From The Crowd: In a world where digital photos can look homogenous, it allows you to stand out. This unique style will catch the eye and make your photos stand out for their elegance and originality.

Creative Expression: Provides a creative opportunity to play with color, texture and composition, allowing you to experiment with aesthetics and convey your artistic vision.

Memorable Gifts: Turn your photos into meaningful gifts for friends and family. Old money style images can capture special moments with a touch of classic style.

Social Media and Branding: If you're looking to build a distinctive online presence, old money style photos can give your brand an aura of authority and sophistication.

The old money style effect is a great choice for adding sophistication and meaning to your photos.
It captures the essence of timeless elegance and tradition, creating images that stand out and leave a lasting impression.
Try this style today and see how it can turn your photos into timeless works of art.


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  • 7 Lr. preset for mobile (compatibility: iOS and Android) 

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