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The refined tone

The Cashmere color is a warm and soft neutral tone, similar to light beige but with slightly pink undertones. The name comes from the homonymous luxurious textile fiber, often used for winter fabrics.

It is a refined and elegant color, but also relaxing and welcoming. It can be used in many applications from home furnishings and fashion to cosmetics and photography.
In photography, cashmere can be used to create refined and sophisticated images, or to balance out more vibrant or bold hues.

it is perfect for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, thanks to its soft shades.
It can be combined with other neutral shades, such as white, beige or gray, but also with more vibrant shades, such as pink or green, to create interesting contrasts.

Ultimately it is a versatile and sophisticated colour, which can be used in many contexts to create an elegant and relaxing atmosphere.


What will you find inside?

4 Adobe Lightroom compatible presets for iOS and android.


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